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SJSC Field Complex

SJSC Field Complex
3151 Kilgore Rd.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

We ARE DONE! Grand Opening Celebration!

July 11, 2018

Follow the Construction Progress

Follow our construction progress as we build our Home Field Complex!

WEEK of March 7, 2018

Out professional Musco LED Field Lighting goes up!!!

WEEK of January 24, 2018

Building permit issued! Bathroom storage structure going up - pictures below - we are now 3D!!! Trenches for lighting and light poles going in as well.

WEEK of January 12, 2018

Grading completed, Sewer Installed, Getting ready for Lighting and Electrical Installation. On January 12th, the over 240,000 square feet of TURF arrived in 4 semi trucks...80 gigantic 1,800-pound rolls were offloaded and are awaiting installation - should happen in the next 3 or so weeks - getting exciting now!

WEEK of October 16, 2017

Facility Announcement

It comes with great pleasure and excitement for the San Juan Soccer Club Board of Directors to announce that the City Council of Rancho Cordova unanimously voted at Monday's May 15th City Council meeting to approve the construction of our planned San Juan Soccer Complex located on Kilgore Road.

It has been almost 2 years to the day since we bought the 1st of our two (2) - 5 acre lots. A lot has happened in those 2 years and we have become much more aware of the inner workings of city projects. In working deeply with the city and our neighboring property owner, we have created a plan that works for everyone involved and after the latest design reviews, we have reached a significant goal in being granted approval to officially move forward with our project! The Field Committee is now taking the next step in submitting our construction documents for permit approval in order to break ground.

The SJSC Board of Directors would like to invite and encourage any and all interested members, both current and past, in helping to tackle the multiple tasks developing and associated with this huge, but important project. Please reach out to either your Team Manager and/or any one of the SJSC Board of Directors, who can be found on our website to express your interest to help!

This is an exciting time in our clubs 40th anniversary year and we look forward to your ongoing help and support. We will continue to update the membership through; emails, website updates, and social media as we progress with this project and expect things to move fairly quickly now that we have city approval!

For interest in field complex sponsorship opportunities, please contact SJSC Board Member Jeff Rucker. For more information on the field complex, please contact SJSC Vice President Mike Liston.

Facility Plans