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Sidney Atchison - 2019 Commit

Sidney Atchison - 2019 (Spirits '01/'00 ECNL)

Sidney Atchison
University of Northern Colorado
Sidney Atchison

I am very proud and thankful to announce my commitment to play D1 soccer at the University of Northern Colorado. So excited for my athletic and academic future at this amazing school. I fell in love instantly after walking onto the campus and seeing every aspect the school has to offer. Soccer at the collegiate level has been a dream of mine from the beginning. I am excited and thrilled to see what my future will be at UNC, as a student-athlete.

I’d like to thank all of my coaches who have developed me into the player I am today. First, I would like to thank James Kavanaugh and Lee Callow for the countless hours they put into teaching me my technical abilities, the love for the game, and how to be a fearless player. I would spend every waking hour playing futsal, learning and developing all of the skills I have today. Gregg Thompson for making me learn who I was as a player and most importantly how to play soccer at the competitive level, while still having fun. AJ Utush taught me my aggressive side and to be patient when I have possession of the ball. My sports trainer, Miguel Sandoval for building my performance these last four years as a young athlete. I would not have the confidence, strength, and speed today without you. You have taught me discipline and what the real meaning of hard work is, while still enjoying the things I love. A very special thank you to Erin Sharpe. I would not be at this level without your guidance. I grew tremendously as a person and you developed me as the player I am today and showed me how to fight for what I wanted most. You taught me the most important aspects of soccer, matured me and gave me the confidence as a competitive soccer player. You helped me get through the long and difficult but rewarding process of recruitment and I could not have done it without you. To my current coaches Bernardo Silva and Tony Perez, thank you for teaching me to work for my future self. Most importantly my amazing teammates thank you for making my last two years of club soccer the best and most memorable. 

Lastly, thank you to my Mom for all the hours, time and money you have spent taking me to all of my practices and games, and helping me achieve all of my dreams. You have helped me through thick and thin and I will forever be grateful for everything you have sacrificed for me to play the sport I love. And thank you to my Dad who has always been there to cheer me on wherever I am. You have taught me how to be brave throughout this entire journey. I couldn’t have done it without all the love and support you have both given me. 

I am so thankful for my past two years at San Juan and so excited for the years to come. I can’t wait to be a Bear and continue my love for soccer at this wonderful school. GO BEARS!