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Katie Dohnel - 2019 Commit

Katie Dohnel - 2019 (Spirits '00/'99 ECNL)

Katie Dohnel
Arizona State University
Katie Dohnel

So happy to say I’ve committed to play PAC 12 division 1 soccer at my dream school Arizona State University. The decision was easily made once I met the coaching staff and saw how devoted they were to the program and would do anything for any of the girls on their team.

I’d like to thank San Juan for everything they have done and for making me the player I am today. I’ve developed some amazing friendships in the club that will last a lifetime. I’d like to thank coach Tony Perez for always having faith in me and seeing potential when I couldn’t and always kept pushing me to become better and better. I’d also like to thank coach Stephen Nichols for all the private training and improving my game to the next level. Also, thank you coach Erin Sharpe and Zeca Neto for your outstanding coaching and helping me get committed.

Most importantly I’d like to thank my amazing parents I am so grateful for them and they would do anything for me. From driving 4 hours to practice 3 times a week to moving for me and always believing in it me in me couldn’t be done without you.