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Aurrora Yarnell-Williams - 2019 Commit

Aurrora (Roo) Yarnell-Williams - 2019 (Spirits '01 ECNL)

Aurrora Yarnell-Williams
Colorado University
Aurrora Yarnell-Williams

I am super excited to announce I have verbally committed to play D1, Pac 12 soccer at Colorado University in 2019. When I visited the school, my Mom’s said “Don't make the decision right now wait a couple days to see if you love it”. I had been on many college visits, but when I got to CU I just totally fell in love with the view of the mountains, the beautiful campus, the soccer program and the wonderful coaches and players. I was talking to my mom one day while visiting, she looks at me starts to tear up, and said “Roo this is where you belong”. I already knew that, but to see her say it with truth, made my decision that much easier.

Coach Dave and Danny’s positive attitude, care for the players and how they inspire players to want to work hard and improve was super inspirational. The feeling of family of the whole team was beyond amazing. I felt like I fit in right away and never had a question in my mind that CU was where I wanted to be. I can't wait to play at Colorado University in 2019.

I owe a huge thanks to Coach John Love, my first San Juan coach, for teaching me the basics of soccer instead of just a kick and run game. Thanks to Zeca Neto, who taught me how to deal with adversity and the conflicting of our ideas. He guided me through a hard time when I was not starting. Thank you for teaching me that if I work hard I will go places, and that it's okay to spread my wings and be open to other players. Lastly, thanks to Erin Sharpe for having one of the most motivating attitudes, as well as one of the best views of the game of soccer! I have already learned a lot from you in these past few months. Also, thank you for helping me with the recruiting journey;  for being there solidly through the text messages that had to go from CU, to you and then forwarded to me. Thanks to ALL the coaches that have influenced me, I will carry you with me forever.

I want to thank all our friends and extended family who, through the years, have generously supported my soccer dreams. I would also like to thank my Mom for being our taxi cab for the past years and being one of the most supportive people I know. My sister Mak for being the rock in my life and never failing to support me. To my other Mom for working so hard to provide for our family and lightening the mood when things get too stressful. And lastly, thanks to ALL of my friends and family for standing behind me and believing in me.