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Janessa Staab - 2017 Commit

Janessa Staab - 2017 (Spirits '98/'99 ECNL)

Janessa Staab

I am so excited to announce my commitment to play division 2 soccer at San Francisco State University! It is an unbelievable feeling accomplishing my dream I have been working towards for so many years. There are so many people who have pushed me and helped me to grow along the way. I would like to thank my first San Juan coaches, Rachel and Kylie. Rachel taught me how to love the game at such a young age and Kylie pushed me competitively every day. I’m not going to forget the countless Halloween practices, juggling tests, and leap frogging to ice cream because we could all get 4 juggles. Thank you to Curtis for challenging me and teaching me to be a leader. I can’t begin to thank Tony Perez enough for being such an amazing coach. He developed me into a great center back but more importantly, he taught me how to love the game and support my teammates even when it’s not going as well as I would like. Thank you, Tony, for holding me to such high standards and loving me despite my smart-ass attitude. Thank you, Erin, for helping me through the long recruitment process and preparing me for the next level. And I’d also like to thank my new SF coaches Tracy Hamm and Val Henderson for welcoming me into the Gator family. I can’t wait to be a part of such an amazing program!

I would also like to thank my teammates. Without them, I would not have made it to this point. They have pushed me to work harder and be better. Extra special thanks to Rene and Cristina for being my best friends on and off the field. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up with anyone else by my side.

Most importantly I have my family to thank. Thank you to my mom and dad for being the best support system. Thank you, dad, for introducing me to soccer and working with me every day as a kid to make me a better player. Thank you, mom, for being my #1 supporter and being at every single game regardless of the circumstances. I am so thankful that my parents pushed me to be better and do more whether it was going out and practicing on my own or calling all of those college coaches. Thank you to my sister Katelin for setting such a good example as a student-athlete and my little sister, Abbie, for cheering me on at every soccer game.

I am beyond thankful for these 10 years at San Juan. I can’t wait to be a Gator and play 4 more years of the game I love!

Forever a spirit!